Restrictive Covenants


Any dwelling or structure constructed, erected, or placed on the property shall be constructed to conform to all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal statues, by-laws and regulations including any fire safety regulations or by-laws in place from time to time with the relevant authority.

James McCrimmon/1451186 Alberta LTD must approve all drawings for building permits prior to their submission to the County of Minburn NO 27.

None of the following construction types will be allowed as the dwelling.

1.Moved-In-Building means a building for which approval is being sought to relocate the building from the parcel of land on which it is presently located to a proposed parcel of land.

Modular Home means a prefabricated, factory-built residential building containing one dwelling unit which has neither a chassis, running gear, nor its own wheels, but which must be otherwise transported to a site and placed on a permanent foundation and connected to utilities for long-term occupancy.

Manufactured Home or Mobile Home means a residential building containing one dwelling unit built in a factory in one or more sections, designed to be transported or neither its own wheels and chassis or other means to a suitable site, and place on either a temporary or permanent foundation and connected to utilities for long term occupancy.

Quonset Style Home means a building that is constructed in the manner of a ancillary storage building that is being built for the purpose of using as a dwelling

“Round / Golf Ball Style Homes mean a building that is constructed in a circular shape that does not conform to standard square type construction in the sub division.


The minimum habitable floor area, excluding basement, of any single family dwelling upon any lot shall be:

a)1,400 square feet for a bungalow

b)1,200 square feet for a split level, two storey dwelling; or bi-level

In calculating the ground area of a dwelling house, the measurements for the above calculations shall be taken as the outside measurements of the main walls of the building and ground level and shall not include any garage which does not have habitable rooms above it and shall not include any porch, veranda or unheated sunroom.


The exterior finish, roof, windows, log finish, siding or stucco of any single family dwelling must be completed within 12 months of the initial excavation of the foundation of the said dwelling subject to reasonable weather contingencies.

Materials such as stucco, brick, stone, vinyl and wood siding is to be used whenever possible.

**Aluminium siding is not an acceptable finish material**(except for lots 35-39 where coloured aluminium siding may be used to conceal feed for horses)

The excessive use of one colour and the use of extreme colours are to be avoided. For example: red, bright blue, bright yellow, bright green, pink or purple are not acceptable colours. Earth tone and/or neutral colours are to be used.


The buildings erected on any lot shall include, only, a private single dwelling house with attached double or triple garage.

Secondary buildings must be built beside or behind the primary residence and must not be taller than the primary residence.�

A structure to conceal recreational trailers and recreational vehicles may be constructed provided it conforms to the architectural style and exterior finish of the dwelling house.

There shall not be constructed on any lot any structures to conceal heavy equipment, gasoline tanks and other fuel tanks and stands thereof.�

Garden sheds and greenhouses may be constructed provided they conform to the architectural style and exterior finish of the dwelling house and do not exceed three hundred square feet.

Outbuildings / Accessory buildings are permitted but are additionally subject to review and approval by James McCrimmon/1451186 Alberta LTD prior to submission to County of Minburn NO 27.


The roof finish must be cedar shakes, pine shakes, clay or ceramic tiles, top of the line shingles heritage style or architectural asphalt shingles.


To achieve the desired streetscape and to maintain the country style of the development minimum setbacks of:

20 feet from the front property line.

6 feet for side yards.

15 feet from the rear property line.


Driveways are to be finished with a minimum of asphalt. Though broom finished concrete, exposed aggregate or interlocking pavers will also be accepted.

All driveways must be paved within 12 months of move in to the primary residence.


All garbage and refuse shall be properly stored in closed containers in a sanitary manor so as not to cause any odor or nuisance. (No garbage burning barrels).

No vehicles which are inoperable shall be kept, stored or parked except inside a garage and not subject to view.

No piles of lumber, old cars or junk of any type shall be allowed to accumulate, nor shall building waste be dumped on any of the lots or reserve areas.


The developer will install a 4” high black chain link fence where required. Owners wishing to construct a fence on the side property lines must use material similar to the developer’s fence in conjunction with landscaping. Privacy slats will not be allowed. Barbed wire fences will not be permitted. (Exception being lots 35-39 where wooden fencing will be allowed for the keeping of horses)


No heavy equipment or tractor trailers shall be stored or operated on the property other than for the purpose of construction of the dwelling or improvement of the property. In the event that a lot owner is an owner or operator of such equipment for commercial purposes, such equipment shall not be stored or operated within the subdivision other than as set out above.

No livestock or animals of any nature shall be raised on the lot for commercial purposes.

No business, trade, or calling shall be established which requires outside storage, or parking of equipment, which would cause any noise or nuisance to other property owners, or which would cause any unsightly appearance to the property.


Grass shall be maintained by the lot owner and shall not exceed 6� in height.� All properties will be landscaped, grassed or other landscape material.� Weeds are not permitted to grow and must be maintained.

Landscaping must be completed within 18 months of commencement of construction.


All lots in Northern Meadow Estates are of sufficient land area to contain private sewage disposal systems.

Once the location of buildings is determined the owner should conduct a site specific evaluation to determine the optimum placement of the septic field, taking into account the location of the well, adjacent fields, driveways, etc.


All pets and other animals shall be restrained and kept within the property

owned by the owner of such pet, so as not to cause any nuance, annoyance, or excessive noise.

When off the owner’s property all animals shall be properly controlled and supervised by the owner. If a lot owner is to keep dogs on their lot, suitable fences or electric restraint systems are to be installed to ensure that any such dogs do not leave the lot owner’s property.

Excessive barking shall not be tolerated.

If Bylaw Enforcement has been called and if three (3) or more valid complaints are received the owner shall remove the dogs from their property

Pets shall be restricted to 2 dogs, 2 cats or 2 rabbits. No livestock of any kind with the exception of lots 35-39 where a maximum of 2 horses will be allowed


1. Further re-subdivision of any lot within the development is prohibited

2. Holiday trailers, motor homes, or tents parked on the lot may only be occupied while the dwelling house is under construction or for overnight visitors once the dwelling house in constructed. Maximum of one personal holiday trailer or motor home may be stored on each lot and it must be a recreational vehicle which is owned by the lot owner.

3. No signs, billboards or advertising matter of any kind shall be displayed on a lot other than reasonable signs offering property for sale or a sign indicating the name and local address of the owner.

4. No fuel, gasoline, oil, chemicals of any nature or biological waste (excepting waste in properly installed septic tanks) shall be stored on any lots in an amount excess of 100 liters.

5. If a lot owner wishes to store a recreational vehicle, it must be a recreational vehicle which is owned by the lot owner and is restricted to one of such recreational vehicle. Recreational vehicles must be parked beside or behind the primary residence.

6. All electrical service from the transformer to the dwelling or other buildings, and between any buildings, shall be underground

7. All playground equipment must be built behind the primary residence and must be maintained in a neat and presentable condition.

8. Lots 35-39 must have all feed concealed in a neat and tidy manner. i.e.- hidden in secondary building with matching exterior finish to the primary residenace.